Do not hurry, do not worry. You are here only a short visit. So dwelling and smell the flowers!
Walter C. Hagen (1892-1969)
US-American golf player

We warmly welcome you to our website! The title "lelilasa" describes our motto for life. As a family we want to shape our lives every day consciously and actively. In love we are connected with each other as well as with a number of like-minded people who wants to develop their creative potential in peace and freedom too. The laughter is our daily companion and helps us to take the things in the outside world not quite so seriously. As inside as outside the ancient Greeks knew and so is the salad as a synonym for a healthy and vegetarian diet. You are invited to have a look here to inspire! We believe that much is possible but nothing has to be! We show you how we live and do only those things that we really like. With us you can learn how a healthy diet gives you more life energy to follow your own destiny. Also we can illuminate different and proven possibilities through which you also can come to more financial independence. And no matter where on earth to live we can show you pathes to more freedom but then you must go even alone your own way of Life!


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